Onstage New York Dance Competition 2014

OnStage2014 HipToBeSquare

Prep Entertainment:
 "Hip To Be Square" 

OnStage2014 Kodomo

Mini Critics' Choice:

OnStage2014 Mahalaya

Miss Mini Onstage New York:
 Mahalaya Tintiangco-Cubales 

OnStage2014 Move

Junior Critics' Choice: 

OnStage2014 Jonalyn

Miss Junior Onstage New York: 
Jonalyn Montero 

OnStage2014 Jonacy

Mr. Junior Onstage New York:
 Jonacy Montero 

OnStage2014 Royals

Teen Critics' Choice:

OnStage2014 HelpMeLoseMyMind

Senior Critics' Choice: 
"Help Me Lose My Mind" 

OnStage2014 Hannah

Miss Senior Miss Onstage New York: 
Hannah Hapin 

OnStage2014 Erik

Mr. Senior Onstage New York:
 Erik Debono from Westlake School for the Performing Arts, CA

Photos from: http://onstagenewyork.com/reg/sanmateo_gallery_2014.htm