Albina Rokhlina - Piano & PianoAccompanist

Music came to Albina's life when she was a little girl.  She learned to play piano when she was 5 years old.  Not even knowing musical notes yet, she already played melodies by ear.  She went through all stages of musical education in Moscow, Russia from the special music school to the famous Moscow Conservatory of Music.  Albina has been a concert piano player, piano accompanist for ballet dancers and piano instructor.  Several of her students were invited to Germany and Canada.  Presently, Albina is a ballet accompanist and piano instructor for the San Francisco Ballet Association City Ballet School, Westlake School for the Performing Arts and San Francisco Institute of Choreography.  She works with famous ballet masters Damara Bennet, Jorge Esquivel from Cuba, Alonzo King, Ricardo Bustamante and Janet Sasoon.  For Albina, music is her greatest pleasure in life.


Gregory Kharik - Voice
Gregory holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Musical Education and Voice Performance from the Byelorussian State Conservatory.  Winner of multiple national and international vocal and theater competitions, he was one of the best leading man in musicals and operettas in the former Soviet Union.  Gregory has performed on stages of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Minsk, recorded multiple musical soundtracks and pop songs for radio and television.  Emigrating from Russia in 1992, Gregory also began his successful career as a voice teacher.  In 1993 he was personally invited by the Royal Family of Thailand to perform at the Royal Palace.  With over 14 years of experience as a voice teacher in the United States, Gregory still continues to perform in concerts and the San Francisco Opera Company.