Yuhong Yao - Stretching & Conditioning
WSPA welcomes back Ms. Yuhong Yao to teach stretching and conditioning to our students.  She started her career as a professional gymnast at her age of nine in a top Chinese team - the Peking Acrobatic Gymnastic Team, where she won several gold and bronze medals at the all China National Gymnastic Games. Ms. Yao's extensive experience in the world of gymnastics spans more than 28 years. She served as a gymnastics coach at a professional sports school and was appointed by the National Sports Commission of China as a gymnastics competition judge. While pursuing her Master's Degree at the famous Peking University, she worked at the Ministry of Education of China, and a diplomatic member at the Chinese General Consulate of San Francisco. Ms Yao is currently a professional member of USA Gymnastics, and she is safety-certified to teach gymnastics. She has taught gymnastics in the USA for over ten years now. She expressed her idea in an article on the US Healthy Life: "The goal of gymnastics training for young kids is not to develop a future Olympic champion, but to cultivate a child's courage, confidence, friendliness and strength." Ms Yao has a passion on teaching children with her gymnastic expertise.