Patrick Cruz - Hip Hop Director (in emeritus)

Patrick Rivera Cruz is currently the teacher and choreographer of the hip hop general school and performance program of WSPA.  As a young student of age 5, he studied ballet, tap, and jazz at WSPA.  It was in the Russian Character dances that his athletic ability and physical agility were put to test and flourished by teacher Vassilii Mountian of Moiseyev Dance Company.  Most memorable was his solo performance of “Two Boys Fighting”, a famous Moiseyev choreography.  As he got older, he found his love and passion focused on Hip Hop.  He is currently a member of Gen2, co-directs WSPA’s Company, and teaches master classes throughout California and in the Philippines.  His choreographic and staging abilities lead the hip hop performance program to ultimate success in competitions, earning the recognition of being a “master(s) of hip hop” by judges.  


Jason Rillera - Hip Hop

Jason Rillera began as a student in the WSPA hip hop program since the fall of 2003. He has always had a love for dance from the early influence of the careers of *NSYNC, usher, and the late Michael Jackson.  Under the direction of Pat Cruz his craft became more refined eventually leading to the production of the choreography he displays today. As one of the original members of The Company established in 2005, he has done various performances and competitions around California such as World of Dance, Prelude, and Body Rock. He has also traveled with the hip-hop program overseas to Aberdeen, Scotland in 2007 and more previously to Macau, China in 2010. He is currently enrolled in City College of San Francisco as a Business Administration Major.


Agnes Loyola - Hip Hop
Agnes started her studio training at WSPA in 2003.  From there she has worked her way from the general school program to the performance program of hip-hop under Patrick Cruz.  She has competed with WSPA’s company level hip-hop team The Company in numerous competitions and won awards in such competitions as Body Rock, World of Dance, and Showstoppers.  Agnes has traveled and performed in Macau, China, and is currently teaching all along the regions of Northern and Southern California.  Agnes is the current co-director of The Company and is doing her best to lead her students and teammates to leave with positivity and excellence.


Matthew Montenegro - Hip Hop
Matthew started dancing at WSPA in 1998 training in Musical Theater, Ballet, and Russian Character; under teachers Ming Hai Wu, Alexei Badrak, Malu Rivera-Peoples, and Tina Fargas-Newell to name a few. He has performed in many of WSPA’s productions: Bali Hai, Mulan, Fiddler on the Roof, and his favorite Cats and Dogs. He has also performed in WSPA’s Nutcracker as Fritz, Russian, Arabian, Spanish, Mouse King and most recently the role of The Nutcracker Prince. It is in Hip Hop where he has found his passion and love for dance. He has been a part of WSPA’s The Company since its inception in 2005 and has trained extensively under Patrick Rivera-Cruz and Shaun Evaristo. Matthews’ style has modern and groove influences but attributes his overall style development to Pat and Shaun’s choreography. He has traveled with The Company to the Aberdeen International Youth Festival in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2007 and 2013 (with APT) and the International Youth Dance Festival in Macau, China in 2012.  Matthew completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise and Sports Science with an emphasis in Youth and Child Studies from the University of San Francisco in 2011. Currently, Matthew is a member of the adjunct faculty at the University of San Francisco teaching Hip Hop, and a Dance Instructor at Sacred Heart Prep in Atherton.


Melissa Batesting - Hip Hop (General School)
Melissa Batesting began dancing on her high school’s dance team as a freshman at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. She began her training under hip hop director Patrick Cruz when she joined WSPA's performance program in 2007. Growing within the performance program, she eventually became a part of WSPA’s apprentice hip hop group, "APT" from 2008 to 2011 and is currently approaching her fourth year with WSPA’s company level hip hop group, “The Company”. Both groups under the direction of Patrick Cruz, they have competed and placed at dance competitions up and down the California coast such as Prelude, World of Dance, Vibe, and Body Rock. She has traveled and performed with The Company both domestically, traveling to Texas in 2013, as well as internationally to Macau, China in 2010, and is currently teaching classes throughout California. WSPA has been Melissa’s second home for the past seven years and has learned the importance of hard work and dedication. She aspires to be a great teacher who teaches and guides her students to never settle for less, to dance to their full potential, and of course, have fun.



Alferd Remulla - Hip Hop (General School)
Biography coming soon.

Jessie Munoz - Hip Hop (General School)
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