Te Orama is the Polynesian division of our Peformance Program.  Polynesian dances come from the islands of the Pacific Ocean, such as Hawaii, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand etc.  The dances have strong connections to the islands' culture and therefore it is essential to understand their ethnic nature.  Hula and Tahitian (Ori) basics are taught in class, students learn correct terminology and technique in both ancient and modern styles.

  Acceptance into Te Orama is by audition only.  

Te Orama

Training with Te Orama requires full commitment and participation in all classes to prepare for various performances, including (but no limited to) May Day, our annual Luau fundraiser, Gala, Recital Showcase and whichever competition is slated for the year.  

Te Orama is under the directorship of Kumu Hula Anthony Waipa Manaois and Kumu Hula Katrina Hali'imaile deJesus.  In addition to the required class for each level — Company, Apprentice, Junior Apprentice, Juniors & Tamaroa/Boys  all students in Te Orama are encouraged to take Ori Tahiti class to prepare to compete as soloists in the various Tahitian competitions.  


About the Directors of TE ORAMA


Kumu Hula Anthony Waipa Manaois

Anthony is an  instructor, choreographer, musician and composer for the Tahitian Dance Group "Otea Api" in Fremont. He has led the group Otea Api to Overall Titles at the San Jose Tahiti Fete, Kiki Raina Tahiti Fete, Kauai Tahiti Fete, and Kauai Polynesian Festival. Actively performing and teaching throughout the state of California and abroad, Anthony comes from a family dedicated to the Polynesian culture and arts. His mother is Kumu Hula Ruth Nalua Manaois. She is a graduate of Kumu Hula Aunty Loeklani Noeau Thomas and graduate/understudy to the late Kumu Hula Master Joseph Kamohai Kahaulelio. His sister is Katrina Haleemaile deJesus Kumu Hula. They are a family that shares the knowledge of a rich culture with pride and respect for their art.  Kumu Anthony Manaois will be visiting his family in Tahiti more often this year and has appointed Junelle Mallari, Katrina De Jesus, and Bernard Tubera to teach in his absence.  Kumu Anthony will continue to direct Te Orama and assures continued education of the music and culture of Tahitian and Hula.  

Kumu Hula Katrina Hali'imaile Dejesus

Katrina joined the WSPA faculty in 2011 to assist in directing Te Orama.  She is also an instructor and choreographer for the Tahitian dance school/group "Otea Api" in Fremont.  Her mother is Kumu Hula Ruth Nalua Manaois.  She is a graduate of Kumu Hula Aunty Loeklani Noeau Thomas and graduate/understudy to the late Kumu Hula Master Joseph Kamohai Kahaulelio.  Katrina graduated along with her brother Anthony KUMU HULA in 2000.  In 2011, she graciously assisted her brother in leading Te Orama in winning the OVERALL title at the SAN JOSE TAHITI FETE.  She is a daughter, she is a sister, she is a mother, she is a grandmother and she is a care taker of her Culture.



2017 Heiva i Kaua’i
1st Place Over-All
1st Place Otea and Aparima
1st Place Tamarii Otea/Aparima
2nd Place Drumming

2nd Place Tane (age 10-12) - Parker Rozanno-Keefe
1st Place Tane (age 13-15) - Jonacy Montero
3rd Place Vahine (age 26-39) - Morgan Chang

2016 Heiva i Reno
2nd Place Pehe Tahito Drumming Award, 2nd Place Open Orchestra Drumming Award, 
2nd Place Pahu Tupai Drumming Award, 1st Place Couples Award, 1st Place Tamari'i Aparima,
1st Place Tamari'i Otea, 1st Place Hura Tau Aparima, 3rd Place Hura Tau Ote'a

Jr Division Overall Tamaroa - Parker Rozanno-Keefe
8th Place Junior Division Tamahine - Keilani Mejia
3rd Place Senior Division Tane - Jonacy Montero

2013 San Jose Tahiti Fete
1st Place Overall Hura Tau (Professional Division)
2nd Place Music, 1st Place Drumming, 2nd Place Ahuroa, 
1st Place Aparima, 2nd Place Otea, 1st Place Tamarii Otea,
1st Place Tamarii Aparima, 2nd Place Costume, Best Ra'atira Award

2011 San Jose Tahiti Fete
1st Place Overall Traditional Hura Ava Tau (Amateur Division)
1st Place Ote’a, 1st Place Aparima, 1st Place Drumming1st Place Music, 1st Place Ahuroa, 
1st Place Tamari'i Ote’a, 1st Place Tamari'i Aparima, Best Ra'atira Award