A beginner joining the school for the first time would be placed in the General School and as the student advances in training, the student is able to audition for the Performance Program and the Professional Ballet Division.  A student who wants to explore vocal performance as well is able to train in the musical theatre program.

Placement in these three programs is done according to age, experience, and ability.  Auditions are held throughout the year.

The General School
The General School offers a wide range of classes for children who wish to take dance for exercise, coordination, discipline and fun; and in the process students achieve an understanding and appreciation of the art form.  Students meet only once or twice a week and prepare for the annual recital in June.

  • Ballet n’ Tap – for ages 3 to 6

    This class combines ballet and tap techniques. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of these two dance forms in a fun and entertaining way. Building self-esteem, enhancing the child's ability to interact with the class, and developing team effort are additional positive benefits a student gains from the class.

  • Ballet – for ages 5 & up

    Students build muscle strength and toning, enhance proper posture and carriage, and develop grace and coordination. Professional training is available in both the General School and Performance Program. Two technique styles are used: Royal Academy of Dance and Vaganova. The ballet students of the performance program perform annually in the full length ballet of the Nutcracker held at the Palace of Fine Arts in December. 

  • Tap – for ages 5 & up

    Students learn proper tap technique and develop coordination.  A sense of rhythm, clarity of sounds, and precision in advanced choreography is the class emphasis.

  • Jazz – for ages 7 & up

    Students use ballet technique as the foundation to strengthening this form of dance. Isolations, extensions, and contractions are integrated into achieving a balanced knowledge of modern, classical, and popular jazz movements. Available in both the general school and the performance program.
  • Urband Dance / Hip Hop – for ages 8 & up
    Students learn street jazz, funk, and dance styles made popular in MTV videos.  Advanced students are able to audition for WSPA's "The Company," a group that performs and competes regularly.

  • Polynesian Dance – for ages 5 & up
    Polynesian dances come from the islands of the Pacific Ocean, such as Hawaii, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand etc.  The dances have strong connection to the islands' culture and therefore it's essential to understand their ethnic nature.  Hula and Tahitian (Ori) basics are taught in class, students learn correct terminology and technique in both ancient and modern styles.

  • Musical Theater – for ages 5 & up
    Classes are taught to vocalize and work as an ensemble in a song and dance routine.  

Students train their voices, face, and body as they prepare to sing, dance, and play their favorite characters in Broadway musical reviews.  A thorough knowledge of characterization, dramatization, interpretation of music and the story is achieved as the students learn to perform.  Students must be enrolled in a dance class to participate in this program.
  • Piano/Voice

    Private classes are half an hour long for beginners and 45 minutes for the more advanced.  A piano and voice recital is held once a year.