A beginner joining the school for the first time would be placed in the General School and as the student advances in training, the student is able to audition for the Performance Program.  A student who wants to explore vocal performance as well is able to train in the musical theatre program.

Placement in these three programs is done according to age, experience, and ability.  Auditions for acceptance in the Performance Program are usually held in the class being entered, unless a special audition is required.  Auditions are held throughout the year.

I.  The General School
The General School offers a wide range of classes for children who wish to take dance for exercise, coordination, discipline and fun; and in the process students achieve an understanding and appreciation of the art form.  Students meet only once or twice a week and prepare for the annual recital in June.

II.  The Performance Program
Students audition for placement in the Performance Program.  Once accepted, the student is required to attend a number of classes and rehearsals a week.  The focus is on intense training involving technique classes and many hours of rehearsals in preparation for competitions and performances.  Excellent attendance and a high degree of commitment are necessary to remain in this program.  

  • How to get accepted in the Program:
    Students interestedin the Performance Program are auditioned for placement.  A student currently enrolled in the General School can audition for acceptance in the Performance Program.  Students are also accepted in the Program based on the teacher's recommendation.  Students who audition or were recommended are placed in the appropriate levels according to age and ability.

  • Members are accepted in the following levels:
    Junior Level - for Ages 5-10
    Junior Apprentice Level - for Ages 8-11
    Apprentice Level - for Ages 10-16
    Company Level - for Ages 12 and Up

  • Audition Schedule:

    Ballet, Tap and Jazz auditions for ages 5-12
     are held in June before the year-end culminating recital. There is a $10.00 audition fee. Check our June newsletter or the calendar of events in the month of June.

    Auditions for the higher levels are held during regular class times in the months of September and October. A try-out slip is given to the student after registering for the audition. The fee is the same as a drop-in class - $15.00.

    Hip Hop auditions for company and apprentice levels are held in June. The audition fee is $10.00. Check our June newsletter or the calendar of events in the month of June.

    "Center Company" - 
    Musical Theatre Vocal Performance Program for ages 7-18 auditions are held in June before the year-end culminating recital. There is a $10.00 audition fee. Check our June newsletter or the calendar of events in the month of June.

III.  The Professional Division
The Professional Division's mission is to prepare students for a professional future in dance.  It will be by invitation only and an audition for final acceptance is required. 
Students who are invited are those who we feel may have the physique possessing attributes that are generally considered requisite for professional accomplishments in classical ballet.  The students are accepted on a trial basis throughout the year and are evaluated by technical development, talent, and artistic merit.

Training under the Professional Division coincides with her training in the Ballet Performance Program.  Participation in the routine classes in preparation for the Nutcracker and competitions of the Performance Program is still required.  Professional Division Students cannot opt to participate in the Professional Division alone.

The Professional Division is under the directorship of Mr. Viktor Kabaniaev.  All the students in the professional division are encouraged to take private lessons and prepare to compete as soloists in the Youth America Grand Prix.

The division accepts drop-in students who live far and/or are already enrolled in other professional schools such as the San Francisco Ballet.