Ballet n’ Tap – for ages 3 to 6

This class combines ballet and tap techniques. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of these two dance forms in a fun and entertaining way. Building self-esteem, enhancing the child's ability to interact with the class, and developing team effort are additional positive benefits a student gains from the class.

Ballet – for ages 5 & up

Students build muscle strength and toning, enhance proper posture and carriage, and develop grace and coordination. Professional training is available in both the General School and Performance Program. Two technique styles are used: Royal Academy of Dance and Vaganova. The ballet students of the performance program perform annually in the full length ballet of the Nutcracker held at the Palace of Fine Arts in December. 

  • Professional Ballet Division - for the advanced ballet student

    The Professional Division's mission is to prepare students for a professional future in dance.  It will be by invitation only and an audition for final acceptance is required.  
    Students who are invited are those who we feel may have the physique possessing attributes that are generally considered requisite for professional accomplishments in classical ballet.  The students are accepted on a trial basis throughout the year and are evaluated by technical development, talent, and artistic merit.

    Training under the Professional Division coincides with her training in the Ballet Performance Program.  Participation in the routine classes in preparation for the Nutcracker and competitions of the Performance Program is still required.  Professional Division Students cannot opt to participate in the Professional Division alone.

    The Professional Division is under the directorship of Mr. Viktor Kabaniaev.  All the students in the professional division are encouraged to take private lessons and prepare to compete as soloists in the Youth America Grand Prix.

    The division accepts drop-in students who live far and/or are already enrolled in other professional schools such as the San Francisco Ballet.

Tap – for ages 5 & up

Students learn proper tap technique and develop coordination.  A sense of rhythm, clarity of sounds, and precision in advanced choreography is the class emphasis.

Jazz – for ages 7 & up

Students use ballet technique as the foundation to strengthening this form of dance. Isolations, extensions, and contractions are integrated into achieving a balanced knowledge of modern, classical, and popular jazz movements. Available in both the general school and the performance program.


Available only to the performance program students, class is taught a choreography in modern or lyrical dance for competition.

Hip Hop – for ages 8 & up

Students learn street jazz, funk, and dance styles made popular in MTV videos.  Advanced students are able to audition for WSPA's "The Company," a group that performs and competes regularly.

Polynesian Dance – for ages 5 & up

Polynesian dances come from the islands of the Pacific Ocean, such as Hawaii, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand etc.  The dances have strong connection to the islands' culture and therefore it's essential to understand their ethnic nature.  Hula and Tahitian (Ori) basics are taught in class, students learn correct terminology and technique in both ancient and modern styles.

Musical Theater – for ages 5 & up

Classes are taught to vocalize and work as an ensemble in a song and dance routine.  

Students train their voices, face, and body as they prepare to sing, dance, and play their favorite characters in Broadway musical reviews.  A thorough knowledge of characterization, dramatization, interpretation of music and the story is achieved as the students learn to perform.  Students must be enrolled in a dance class to participate in this program.

  • "Center Company" - Musical Theatre Vocal Performance Program for ages 7-18: BY AUDITION ONLY
    This class is designed for the passionate theatrical performer.  Center Company Vocal is a group vocal performance class designed to help the singer become a dynamic performer both as a soloist and ensemble.  Students are taught, in tandem with their private vocal study*, how to read music, ear training, sight singing, harmonies, staging, choreography, performance, character development, and professional theatrical etiquette; and also includes an introduction to preparing for auditions from the grade school to the professional level.

    This class also performs one or two additional pieces during the year.  Past performances have included musical genre revues where each student receives a showcase solo, or an in concert staged version of an existing Broadway show.  Along with these performances this class performs in and around the community as well.  In order for the Center Company student to maximize their potential, attendance to all classes, additional rehearsals, and private lessons are essential.  Additional material and membership fees may apply upon acceptance to the program.  Private vocal study and coaching with Ms. Katie is required.
  • Singing Stars for ages 3 & 4  
    Have a little one who loves to sing around the house?  Introduce your child to the joy of music by fostering self expression through their voice and creative movement!  This class encourages your young star to explore their voice and musicality, be brave, share with their peers, and have fun!  Songs sung in this class will be tunes that are appropriate and educational for this age group.
  • Musical Theatre Vocal Performance 1 for ages 5-8  
    This class is an energetic and fun introduction to the fundamentals of voice, movement, and character development.  Learn basic techniques of the voice that allow the singer to achieve their fullest potential.  This class lays the foundation to healthy use of the voice while singing.  Songs sung in this class are primarily classical to contemporary Broadway styles along with some tunes that are appropriate and enjoyable for this age group.  Class includes: warm-ups, vocal and ear training exercises, basic technique, musical terminology, group singing, creative movement, and performances.  
  • Musical Theatre Vocal Performance 2 for ages 9-12  
    This exciting class is great for the more mature voice student who has already had some vocal training!  Fundamental voice technique is continued in this fun and more advanced class.  Students will be exposed to group and ensemble work, along with some exposure to soloist performance.  Songs sung in this class are primarily classical to contemporary Broadway styles along with some tunes that are appropriate and enjoyable for this age group. Class includes: vocal and ear training exercises, basic technique, musical terminology, group and solo singing, harmonies, advanced movement, and performances.  This class also includes an introduction to preparing for auditions from the grade school to the professional level.


Private classes are half an hour long for beginners and 45 minutes for the more advanced.  A piano and voice recital is held once a year.