Our Commitment

  • We are committed to make each child feel special, unique, and beautiful.  Each beginner or advanced student is closely monitored in their training.  We also strive to keep parents constantly informed of their child's progress throughout their training. 

Goals & Objectives

  • To provide a high standard of training to every student.
  • To develop physical and mental discipline through hard work, dedication, and perseverance; and instill a respect and love for dance.
  • To build the confidence and self-esteem of each student.
  • To provide a learning experience in professional theater through performances and participation in quality productions.
  • To provide an avenue for young talents aspiring to become performing artists, choreographers and teachers.

History and Background

WSPA was founded in the summer of 1991 by Malu Rivera-Peoples and Karen Dycaico.  In a successful collaboration with the City of Daly City Parks and Recreation Department, a state-of-the art dance studio in the Larcombe Clubhouse was built to begin a summer dance program of 35 students and three instructors.  To date, WSPA has an enrollment of over a thousand students training in dance, music, and theater.  It has found its new home in a 14,000 square feet of land with 6 lovely studios surrounding a courtyard at the Doelger Arts Center in Daly City.  It has a staff of 22 teachers and 10 office personnel.  Its programs include pre-professional training in classical ballet, pointe, character, and variation classes.  It also offers ethnic dance classes in Russian and Polynesian traditions and a department of Broadway musical theater classes.  Tap, jazz, and hip hop are also offered to all levels of ability.  For the pre-schoolers, there are combination classes of ballet n’ tap.  WSPA has a music room where private classes in piano, voice, and musical theater are taught.  The students’ talents and achievements are presented in a weekend of performances with lavish productions at the Year-End showcase, marking the culmination of another year of wonderful dance and performing arts training.

WSPA is extremely proud of its students and programs.  Fully understanding that not all will pursue a career in the performing arts, WSPA’s legacy of hard work, discipline, and ‘putting your best foot forward’ will always stay with them for a lifetime.  These are the factors that make WSPA a unique and valuable addition to the community at large.  

Click here to read the full History & Background of WSPA.

What makes WSPA special and different from any other school?

1.  Training program - Your child couldn’t be in safer hands.  
WSPA boasts of a faculty who have been professional performers themselves and/or have master degrees in dance. The safe and correct training of your children is one of our major concerns.  WSPA progresses a child in slow stages, demanding no more of a young body than it can easily cope with.  Our faculty continues to invite guest artists to give the students the opportunity to acquire different styles and techniques.  See our roster of guest teachers in the section of Faculty.

2.  Individual attention is given to every student
Each student is dealt with individually so that a good working relationship develops between the teacher and the student. This allows us to discover and develop the talent inherent in each child. A teacher’s aide is provided in classes for ages 3 to 6, so each student is properly attended to.  

3.  Student Evaluation Report
Each year, the teacher submits a written progress report, summarizing the strengths and potentials of the child as well as her/his weaknesses. The evaluation keeps the teacher, student, and parents thoroughly aware of each student’s progress. It educates and informs the parents of the demands and expectations of the school in its efforts to provide high quality training.

4.  Recommendation Program
Teachers make recommendations as to which classes the child should take so that parents are guided along with their child’s training. Based on the student evaluation report and the Class Request Form each parent fills out at the end of the year, an individualized program is planned for the child. This recommendation program makes worthwhile all of the time, effort, and money spent on training.

5.  Performing Opportunities
WSPA conducts several big productions each year for all its students in the various disciplines of the arts.  The ballet department presents the full-length ballet Nutcracker at the Palace of Fine Arts, the musical theater and children’s programs present an annual musical holiday review, the hip hop and hula departments present Urban Paradise in February/March to celebrate the two dance cultures and the entire school showcases a lavish display of learned talents in the Year-End Showcase.  WSPA students regularly receive invitations to perform at shopping malls, schools, dance festivals, city festivals, senior city socials, and tv appearances.

6.  Competition Opportunities
Why do we compete? Any true form of dance is not competitive but an expression of the art of movement. We enter competitions to set performance goals for the students. Competitions provide a challenge to both teacher and student. The challenge inspires them to work hard, find better ways of improving their training, and aspire for a higher level of performance as an individual and a group in each competition/performance.  They are taught to recognize that they are their own competition.

7.  Leadership Training Opportunities
WSPA encourages its advanced students who show an interest in teaching and choreographing to hone their skills.  They are given the opportunity to work alongside the master teachers as aides and eventually are given their own classes to teach.  WSPA has produced wonderful teachers who have moved on to be professional directors, choreographers, and master teachers.

8.  Community Involvement Opportunities
Parents and Guardians in WSPA work together with the faculty and staff in achieving the goals of the students.  Every member is welcome to volunteer, share their expertise in all areas and aspects of a production from fundraising, making sets, marketing, sewing costumes and providing food.  The WSPA community is a family that shares the commitment, dedication, and work in the pursuit of each student’s dream.